Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feel Like a Failure

Now I will be one to admit that I am not good with the finances. Rob would ask me to pay a bill and then keep track of how much was in the account after each bill payment. He would also calculate how much we would spend on groceries and make a list. 

Here is where I feel like a failure on this subject. I paid the bills, went grocery shopping and tried to keep track of the account, but I forgot about the bills that automatically come out. Rob calls me and asks if I had been keeping track of the money, I told him yes and how much was in there. I was wrong, it went from a few hundred to just 3 dollars because of the other bills that were taken out. I feel so bad and horrible that I practically left him with nothing. I still have some money in my account that I don't plan on using unless it's a necessity, so I put 50 of my money into his account. 

I still feel horrible, and I cried for about half the day. Lesson learned the hard way. Always look at ALL the bills and see what is coming out and what is due before groceries, or extra (I picked up pictures that were done last weekend). This next pay check, I will not make the same mistake twice.

On a better note, I took Kailyn to a birthday party for one of her friends that is in her class. She loved it and was running around everywhere with her friends just having a good time. I am glad that she is able to play and keep her mind off of daddy being gone. I know she misses him and loves him very much just like I do, but I know keeping her busy is helping with the time.

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  1. Oh honey, don't sweat it. Finances are a learning experience. I have to keep close tabs on them and learned the hard way. At least you know after one experience, to watch all of them.

    And, at least you had other money to transfer over.
    You'll get it...don't worry! ((hugs))