Friday, April 8, 2011

I could really use My Husband right now

I am so livid and pissed right now at the government. They have decided to screw over the military and on the 15th, make it half pay. The worst part is the half pay isn't with Rob's deployment pay, it's the pay he would get if he were still here with me at home in the states. This really sucks and I scrambling trying to figure out how I am going to pay bills, get groceries and oh yeah, an Easter basket for Kailyn. 

I am not worried about the extra stuff like netflix, or gamefly. I am worried about my electricity how I am going to feed Kailyn and the extra money to spend on Easter. I can't not get her an Easter basket, she would be devastated to no end and I don't want to break her heart. She has been doing so good while Rob is away and she doesn't understand what is going on with the money. 

So thank you congress for possibly taking Easter away from my daughter, and me not having enough money to pay bills, get gas or groceries. Way to screw over the people who defend this country so you can sit in your comfy office chair without any worries and get your stupid paycheck. 

That's another thing, congress has made sure that they get their money instead of the military. How cold hearted is that? I say pretty cold hearted and stupid because you can pretty much bed that those who voted on this freeze of pay will not get voted in next term.

Ugh, I really need Rob here, he is my rock and I am on the brink of losing it. If it weren't for Kailyn, I probably would have by now.

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